About AM Guitar Works

Alan Morrison, owner of AM Guitar Works has been playing, repairing, customizing, and building guitars for over 35 years. “I started doing this type of work in the 80's, working full time at a music store, where I gained a lot of experience with guitar and amplifier repair. Since then I have continued to build and customize guitars and service amplifiers for myself and others as well.”

Alan has a degree in Electronics Technology and learned fretwork at Chicago School of Guitar Making. He is also a working musician as lead guitarist in Identity Crisis, a 12 piece classic rock band based in the Quad Cities. He is skilled in all aspects of guitar repair and customizing including fretwork, finish repair and refinishing, electronic repair and upgrading, as well as structural repair. He has 35 years experience servicing amplifiers and other music related electronics. Alan is also author of the book "How to Make Money in the Guitar Biz" where he shares his knowledge of guitars and business strategies.

I believe in getting the full potential out of a guitar. It should play and sound the best it is capable of. Whether you're a beginner or a pro, your guitar should be all it can be. It should play well, in tune, and look and sound good. If it does all that, you can take it to the next level with upgraded electronics or hardware modifications.

What can AM Guitar Works do for you?

Quad Cities' Newest and Coolest Guitar Shop

AM Guitar Works is an authorized dealer for Takamine, Washburn, ESP, LTD, Jay Turser Guitars, and Cort Guitars and Basses.  For amplifiers we carry Peavey, Fishman,  and more.  We also carry ukuleles, banjos, and mandolins.  We always have new and used gear in stock so stop in often as inventory changes on a regular basis.  All instruments sold at AM Guitar Works are professionally set up in our full service repair shop.  See below for details on guitar setups.


Parts and Accessories

Do you need strings, picks, straps, books? How about guitar and bass parts or tools to upgrade or repair your instrument?

We carry and have access to a wide variety of parts and accessories including Allparts, Bigsby, DiMarzio, Fender, Fishman, Gator Cases, Graph Tech, LR Baggs, Mighty Mite, Planet Waves, Seymour Duncan, Sperzel and many more. 

We also work with a music store supply company that carries all types of musical instruments, parts, strings and accessories for guitars and other instruments. We can even get printed music and music related books.

With the combination of suppliers we work with, we can help you out with just about any musical needs you may have.  Contact us for all your part and accessory needs.  Special orders are no problem.



 Guitar Setup

For a student, if a guitar is not properly set up, it can make learning the guitar more difficult and can be frustrating (not to mention painful!) For the pro - you want to be able to play for hours at a time with a nicely set up guitar that plays in tune.

A guitar setup is a series of adjustments that make the guitar as easy to play as possible. The intonation is adjusted so that the guitar will play in tune all the way up the neck. If a guitar has not been adjusted in the past year, chances are it could play better than it does. Because guitars are made of wood and metal under tension from the strings, weather changes and time effect them.

Even most new guitars can benefit from a setup. Guitar factories adjust to their specifications, which may not suit your particular style. Action (distance from strings to frets) is sometimes set high to avoid buzzing frets. Most players prefer a low action for ease of playing. Factory adjustments may also “drift” between the time they leave the factory and end up in your hands. I recommend having your instrument set up upon time of purchase and maintained at least on an annual basis. More details on guitar setup and mechanical repair.

Guitar Repairs—Electronic and Mechanical

Is your guitar not doing what it's supposed to? No sound on certain settings? Scratchy controls? Parts broken? Not staying in tune? Frets cutting into your hands? Strings keep breaking? AM Guitar Works can fix these type of problems and more! AM Guitar Works is set up to perform everything from simple repairs to fretwork, cracked or broken headstocks, acoustic guitar cracks, loose bridges, finish repairs, neck resets, etc.

Guitar Modifications

This can include replacing pickups with ones better suited to your style, or changes to the electronics such as coil taps, series/parallel, phase switching, etc. Hardware can be upgraded to higher quality parts with more functionality, such as adding a tremolo. We can also customize the look of your guitar to make it stand out from the crowd. Just let us know what you want. More details on electronic mods.

I play in a variety of musical situations and I like my guitars to be versatile as well. I like to be able to switch between sounds without switching guitars. The Guitar Repair and Modifications—Electronic page includes my favorites. If you're looking for something else, let me know.

Amplifier Repairs

No power? No sound? Sound cutting out or weak? Controls scratchy? Loud hum? Tone not what it used to be? AM Guitar Works can fix it! Alan Morrison has over 30 years experience servicing guitars, amplifiers and other music related equipment. "I grew up around my dad's TV shop and learned how to use a tube tester and soldering iron at a very early age. I received an Electronics Technology degree in the early '80s (when tube technology was still part of the curriculum). Besides the technology, being a musician I understand tone as well. An amplifier doesn't just need to work. It has to provide the tone you are looking for." More Details on Amplifier Repair.

DIY Classes

“I've always been a Do-It-Yourself person when it comes to guitar related equipment. I enjoy helping others get started as well. AM Guitar Works offers Guitar Building 101, Tube Amp Building, and Pedal Building Classes as well.”

Guitar, Bass, Ukulele, Mandolin, and Violin Lessons

Alan Morrison started teaching guitar in the early 80's. “The guitar has provided me with many years of enjoyment. It is an instrument that is easy to get started on. It can stand on its own, accompany a singer or be part of a band. I enjoy teaching others how to play so they can also have a lifetime of enjoyment with the instrument.” We are now also offering violin lessons by Bryce Swanson.  Contact AM Guitar Works to schedule your lesson time. More info about lessons.

 AM Guitar Works - 5259 Jersey Ridge Road, Davenport, IA 52807 - Phone 563-370-6810 - email amguitarworks@mchsi.com