AM Guitar Works


Although we’ve changed the name, we still do amazing guitar repair work!


All new guitars are setup before they’re sold!

Have you heard Jet City Amplification?

Check out all the fun electric toys in stock.

5259 Jersey Ridge Road, Davenport, IA - 563-370-6810

Welcome to the AM Guitar Works, the Quad Cities' newest, coolest guitar shop. We carry Washburn, Jay Turser, and Cort guitars and basses. For amplifiers we carry Rocktron, Cort, Fishman, and Jet City Amplification. We always have new and used gear in stock. All instruments sold are professionally set up in our full service repair shop. Need parts, strings or accessories? We have them. Check out our promo video.  Make sure to visit us at 5259 Jersey Ridge Road in Davenport!

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