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Repairs and Modifications




It's amazing how a guitar can sound and play so much differently after its been setup. That's why every new guitar purchased from AM Guitar Works is setup before it is sold. But over time, with atmospheric changes and string tension, the guitar neck will change positions and your guitar will need to be setup again. That's simply part of owning any guitar. Depending on the guitar, it can be as frequent as an annual project.

In more extreme circumstances, guitars will need repair. Different items can make a guitar need repair work: a slight drop, moisture getting in to wood or electronics, or accidently stepping on it are not unheard of. Sometimes it just comes from use, electric guitars that are used will wear out pots and switches. Constant playing can wear away the frets or other parts.

And last but not least, maybe its time to upgrade or change the guitar itself. Most common modification includes changing of pickups on electric guitars, but have you heard how an acoustic can change its tone with an upgraded bone or Graph Tech nut and saddle? Modifications can be cosmetic, where a new pickguard, pickup covers and knobs can make an old guitar take on a new look.

We also repair amplifiers, pedals, and other electronic music-related gear.

That's what were known for around here: repairs and modification. That's how we got started and why people will travel for miles to visit our store. Ask other musicians what they think and then bring in that guitar or other stringed instrument to get it playing in tip-top shape.


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